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Forget Heritage (2019-11-20)

Forget Heritage – Innovative, replicable and sustainable Private Public Cooperation management models of the abandoned historical sites by setting up Cultural and Creative Industries.


Most cities are characterized by the presence of unused historical buildings, such as former factories, hospitals, schools, barracks, that have marked the history of the local community. Now, in a state of neglect, their historical memory is being forgotten and they have a negative impact on the surrounding areas by turning into "urban voids”.

The Forget Heritage project is a three year long INTERREG Central Europe program. The objective of Forget Heritage is to promote cooperation among participating cities in order to identify innovative replicablend sustainable private public cooperation management models of the abandoned historical sites - recognised as cultural heritage. The partnership aims to provide recommendations for other cities on how to enhance the hidden potential of the cultural heritage to influence the quality of life of the citizens and cultural creative industry operators who will have new working opportunities and boost their managerial skills.

A detailed handbook for citizens’ involvement completed with the app OFF-SPACES, a manual for managing the transformation and a recommendation to municipalities are the armory for fighting agains “urban voids”.

The Forget Heritage project is ending with promising outcomes. The particpating cities have successfully tested the methodology and tools in their Pilot Actions, where the abandoned cultural heritage earned a new life and citizens’ daily life have changed positively.

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